A Golden Opportunity — to be featured in Poptropica’s “Hall of Fame!”

“Did you ever want your Poptropican featured in an island? Now’s your chance: Introducing the Poptropica Hall of Fame!” Poptropican players are given the opportunity to star in Main Street, on one of six Poptropica islands on Main Street! Simply play through an island and earn the island’s medallion, and you’ll be entered in a lottery to have your avatar chosen! It still counts if you’ve already played the island before, and there’s no limit to how many times you can replay the islands. So the more islands you replay or complete for the first time, the more chances you’ll have to be featured in one of Poptropica’s islands!

Every week, the Creators will pick players at random from those who have earned the Medallions. These lucky players will have their Poptropicans displayed in six different islands! The Creators will announce who are the lucky winners, and what islands they will star on! 🙂

Imagine – your name in lights! Being even more famous as Bucky Lucas! Your avatar being featured over one of the islands in Poptropica! So.. what are you waiting for — hunt down those medallions! 😀

Image from – blog.poptropica.com {also known as the Poptropica Creators’ Blog 😀 }


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